Our first virtual performance !

We hope that you will enjoy our performance of Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus, recorded individually in our own homes, and brought together with some digital magic.

Click the symbol in the bottom right corner to make the video fill the full screen.

Our last concert was in November, when we sang Handel’s Messiah to a packed audience in St Alban’s Church. The beginning of the concert was delayed while our front of house team ran around trying to find extra chairs and spaces to fit in the people who were still arriving. Who could imagine that now!

We had great plans for 2020, our 175th Anniversary, but the Covid-19 Pandemic put an end to all of that. But nothing will stop Birmingham Festival Choral Society singing, so we are proud to present our first Virtual Choir Performance to you.

Many thanks to David Wynne for leading us through this process, to Kevin Gill the accompanist, the BFCS singers who overcame the technological obstacles to make their recordings, and to Gareth Howell for putting it all together.

5 thoughts on “Our first virtual performance !”

  1. Congratulations everyone. It was so nice to see everyone and reminds me how much I miss choir.

  2. Thank you Joan!
    I think we’re all missing choir. Singing on your own isn’t the same – but it is nice to see all the friendly faces at the zoom rehearsals.

    I hope that it won’t be too long before we can all sing together in the same place. We’ll never take it for granted again!

  3. That was really lovely. So glad I managed to find it on my tablet, as not literate in technology. Have played that a few times on the church organ.

    1. Thank you Doreen. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it – it’s a piece that we love singing.

      I’m interested to know how you found us – were you searching certain terms on the internet?

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