Reading music

A selection of You Tube videos is offered below for those who are new to music. They range from simple introductions to more detailed explanations as you go down the page.

How to read written music:

A 6 minute video explaining the basics of how to sing from written music

A 9 minute video on how to navigate round choir music.

A collection of short snappy videos to answer your questions on note lengths, key signatures, sharps and flats and many other things found in written music:

RIAM Teaching and learning Network

Two You Tube collections of short snappy videos on various aspects of music theory.

“Music Theory Guy”.

“Music theory in 16 minutes”. An engaging teacher explains how music works.

HOW MUSIC WORKS . Click the link to watch the TV series by Howard Goodall, an excellent presenter and music expert.

‘Basic Music Theory for Choir Students.’

A 45 minute video which goes into much more detail than those above.

The friendly Birmingham choir singing the world's best choral music.