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Rehearsal Schedule Autumn term 2018

Rehearsal Schedule (17 Oct – 17 Nov).


Dona Nobis Pacem -RVW. Rehearsal markings.

Eternal Light – Howard Goodall. Rehearsal markings.


Goodall Eternal Light Text


Rehearsal aids for Autumn 2018:

You Tube recordings give the choral works in concert performance. They are good for hearing the context and the full harmonies.

Howard Goodall: Eternal Light. Individual movements on You Tube

Vaughan Williams: Dona Nobis Pacem. Individual movements on You Tube.


Choralia provides free training aids for choral singers. Audio files are provided, which allow singers to gradually learn their individual parts by listening to electronically-synthesized sound.

Howard Goodall: Eternal light. Midi Files ‘Choralia’

Vaughan Williams: Dona Nobis Pacem. Midi Files ‘Choralia’.


ChoraLine sells rehearsal CDs or downloads for individual voice parts. This means that they can also be used for practise in places without internet connection (eg car journeys).

H Goodall: Eternal Light. Buy ChoraLine CD or download.

V. Williams: Dona Nobis Pacem. Buy ChoraLine CD or download.


Some of Howard Goodall’s thoughts when composing Eternal Light – written down by Margaret Jones (alto) after a ‘Come and Sing’ event at which Howard Goodall spoke. Eternal Light notes


2018-19 BFCS Diary (updated 1.8.18)

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Past pictures of BFCS fun times.


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