Midi Files for Nocturne concert

Here are links to midi files and MP3 downloads to help with learning the music for our next concert. We would be interested to know how many people find these useful, so that we know whether to post links in the future. Please let Christine Wright or Nick Lampert if you use these links.

Learn choral Music: midi files for separate parts.

The link above contains midi files of SATB parts separately for the following:

Elgar: my love dwelt in a Northern land

Faure: Cantique de Jean Racine

Learn choral Music website: midi files for all parts together.

The link above contains midi files of SATB together for the following:

Elgar: As Torrents in summer

Elgar: My Love Dwelt in a Northern land.

Pearsall: Lay a Garland

John Fletcher Music. Downloads

Separate SATB parts. MP3s and midi files can be downloaded free, as they are out of copyright, but you have to register with the site.

Brahms Geistliches Lied :

Parry: My Soul , there is a country far away

Parry: I know my soul hath power

Parry: Never weather beaten sail

Parry:There is an old belief

John Fletcher Music. Downloads

To download the following  in either MP3 or Midi files you have to register and pay a subscription, as the music is still under copyright:

Tavener: Song for Athene.

Whitacre: Water Night

Joubert: O Lord the maker of all thing.

Joubert: There is no rose.

Chilcott: Londonderry air

Brahms Vier Quartette 1, 2, 3 and 4

This Brahms site has SATB midi files for  Vier Quartette.

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