We haven’t been able to meet together since March, but choir members have been sending lots of clips and links to entertain each other during the lockdown!

Candide Overture by Leonard Bernstein with the CNSMDL clarinet class !

Thank you to Ellen for this clip of her son who plays trombone with the LPO.
“Been doing a bit of Mahler during lockdown.  Please feel free to share wherever.  Hope you enjoy.” 

(PS there’s a surprise at the end)

A Poem for 2020 Chris Powell

is for Coronavirus, a threat to us all.

O is for Open Spaces; go – throw a ball.

R is for Romania; I wish we were there;

O is for ‘Open Wide’; pull tooth if you dare.

N is for Nagging Wives; lockdown, you know!

is for ‘Any toilet rolls?’, flour? – prices grow.

V is for Voice; keep talking every day;

I is for Iodine; viruses will not stay!

R is for Rubbish; keep chucking it out;

U is for Us; we matter, no doubt.

S is for Singing; concerts will wait; When BFCS gets together, it will be GREAT.

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